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Did you know that your automobile’s windshield acts as a key part of a highly engineered accident management system?

“How does this impact me”,A Clear-Cut Way To Go: Auto Glass Parts Articles you may ask? Well, without proper installation of Original Equipment auto glass windshields and adhesives by certified professionals, it could be a rather severe or even fatal impact. OEM, or Original Equipment Manufacturer parts, means your vehicle’s windshield or other auto glass is produced from original equipment-style tooling and is consistent with the manufacturer specifications for safety and quality to protect you in case of an accident.
Your windshield can contribute as much as 60 percent to the support of the roof during roof crush and rollover accidents! In front end collisions, the windshield is the backboard for the passenger side airbag. The windshield actually absorbs the force of the airbag upon deployment of speeds up to 200 miles per hour. Thus, the use of OEM auto glass parts is essential.Why Only OEM Auto Glass Parts?
Very Strict standards. OEM auto glass standards and specifications are more stringent than Department of Transportation (DOT) standards. Auto glass standards require 100 percent windshield retention in frontal barrier accident tests, while DOT only requires Eighty Percent! Would you want to chance your life, and your family’s life, to that other 20%? Furthermore, the increased standards of auto glass parts ensure that a vehicle can be brought back to pre-accident condition. Some aftermarket parts do not match the tolerance, thickness, and shape of auto glass parts; therefore, they can have a higher rate of leakage, wind noise, imperfect fit, solar performance, and optical distortion. In other words, your safety might be at risk.
shield your warranty. Installation of OEM auto glass parts will make sure your vehicle manufacturers’ warranties will not be in jeopardy.The following are just some of the auto glass manufacturers that certain quality Mesa auto glass shops work with:

Pittsburgh Plate Glass (PPG) Carlite Ford Safeguard/Mopar Pilkington Asahi AP Tech Triplex Sekurit Sicursiv Scanex Crinamex Guardian
Be sure you ask the following questions of any Superior auto glass shop that you are considering for auto glass repair and used auto parts replacement:
Do you use OEM auto glass parts, adhesives and glass? Do you use certified auto glass technicians? Do you have a written adhesive usage policy and what is the safe drive away time? (There is only ONE urethane manufacturer whose adhesive has been endorsed and approved for use by all major all manufacturers ‚Äì Essex Urethane Autoglass Adhesives!) What is the Mesa auto glass company response time? Is ample time allowed for a proper and safe installation? Are the manufacturer’s auto glass specifications followed? Do you offer a transferable lifetime warranty on auto glass parts and workmanship?
Check with your insurance company to see if they include Mesa auto glass shops that provide only OEM auto glass parts and adhesives. Many of the larger insurance companies will have a list of Mesa auto glass shops for you to choose from; however, it is possible that only some of them will have the quality OEM auto glass parts you desire. You could be improperly steered to a facility of their choice for “cost saving reasons”.
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