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See My Marriage offers one of the most advanced video streaming services in the industry especially targeted towards the broadcasting of special events. With broadcasting and webcasting facilities panning worldwide, we are well configured to execute your webcast. See My Marriage, Marriage Broadcasting solution relies on its enterprise class video streaming platform designed to deliver high quality video to the viewers of the live marriage. So if any of your friend / relation is missing your special event, do get in touch with See My Marriage

New hopes, new ideas, new people, new relations, renewed enthusiasm and a whole lot of happiness wrapped as a gift- the gift of marital bliss. Marriage, a divine institution, where two strangers unite by the sacred knot, revitalizes not only the two families involved, but also everyone around…. From times immemorial, marriage has been an event of celebration… beginning with a 16 day ceremony, reduced to a 5 day celebration and now finally reduced to a 5 hour procedure. The importance of time probably struck people hard and the celebration time reduced. Let’s introspect- Are we able to capture those moments, where the bride’s hand shivers when the groom puts a ring on her hand? Or the expressions when the bride and groom steal looks at each other? Or when the bride smiles to conceal her shyness? Are we able to savour the sacred and divine chants of the priests? Can we just dance along with the kids while a new relationship is being formed? Time constraints have made us miss certain simple things in life… But thanks to the technological advancements … we have a solution that is no second to the original experience we capture it all “live” … and telecast/webcast/broadcast it no matter where you are…and you can be a part of the celebration despite your busy schedule. Small things make a beautiful life and we deliver that “beautiful life” at your doorstep

How to see my marriage on live: – See My Marriage offers secure access to the live feed through an Event Id generated specifically for your event. Users have to enter the Event Id in the live view page. Users can then watch the live feed from any internet networked computer with a basic internet connection