Data statistics of China’s seamless steel pipe and welded steel pipe export

improved fundamentally. 2013 China’s steel yield arrived at 79.79 million t, where yearly creation of consistent steel pipes for 29,628,000 t, welded steel pipes for 50,162,000 t, China’s steel industry following 60 years of improvement, the complete limit of almost 108 million steel t, where consistent steel pipe creation limit of near 43 million t, welded steel unit creation near 65 million t. China has kept up with the principal position on the planet for quite some time, and with the exception of a couple of years, the creation showed a fast vertical pattern. For the a long time from 1995 to 2013, China’s steel creation expanded from 8.23 million t immediately developed to 79.79 million t in 2013, a net increment of 71.56 million tons steel creation, the typical yearly increment of 3.976 million t.

For the a long time from 2000 to 2013, a net increment of steel yield 70.679 million t, a typical increment of up to 5.437 million t each year. Which from 2004 to 2006 two years, an increment of 13.45 million t, a typical increment of up to 6.725 million t each year. 2008-2012 worldwide steel creation took off to 151 460 000 t, a net increment of 25.51 million t steel creation, the typical yearly increment of up to 6,378,000 t, this development is mostly from the quick improvement of theĀ steel doors and windows commitment made by Chinese steel industry.

Lately, the commodity volume expanded a ton: 2008 accomplished a record level, the commodity volume of 9.8952 million tons, representing 22.41% of complete creation of steel that year. Which consistent steel pipe sends out arrived at a record level of 6.0913 million tons, representing 33.51% of consistent steel pipe creation; welded steel pipe trades added up to the second most elevated level of 3.804 million tons, representing 14.97% welded steel creation north of long term history best degree of 4.6207 million tons, decreasing 825,700 tons.